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BCI Modeling & Pageant Agency Pty Ltd is the first of its kind in SA, specializing in plus size models (size 14+) booking agency and Pageant coaching.
At BCI we prefer the term Body Confident!
Presenting Body Confident beauties and related fashion industry the platform to showcase beauty, fashion and health.

Our slogan - Confidence is Beauty


About BCI Model

BCI Model stands for curves. Celebrating plus size models and presenting them with the opportunities in modeling industry that they deserve and ensuring that fashion houses and other potential clients have the opportunity to use well trained and professional models in their shoots and fashion shows.   

We are setting a new benchmark in the plus size model industry in South Africa

We are a young Midrand based model agency and specialize in representing Plus Size Models exclusively. 

For us the fashion should matter rather than the dress size.


Become a Model

Are you interested in modeling for BCI Model - then we would be happy to hear from you! We work nationally and consider all applications.
You can apply by sending an e-mail to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Photo Requirements:
Professional photos are not necessary. Please send at least one clear full face head shot and one clear full length body shot. The most important thing is that we see a natural you. No makeup is needed. If you have professional pictures you can attach them as well.

Height and Size Requirements:
For female models it is 168 cm - 180 cm and minimum Size 38.
For male models it is 184 cm - 192 cm and minimum size 52.

Email Submissions:
We would also need your name, measurements (height, bust, hips, waist), age, hair colour, eye colour, a contact phone number, and address. Also let us know if you have experience or not.


For personal appointments contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and casting sessions – keep an eye on our facebook page for dates and times

Meet the BCI Director: Plus, Size Modeling

Angela Perdichizzi


Contact Us

Body Confidence International

062 354 6115

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Physical Address:

Jasco Park, C/o Alexandra Ave & 2nd street,

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Body Confidence International Pageant

Eric Butterworth once said, “The desire to do something is proof of our potential to do it.”  This quote is the foundation on which the Ms Body Confidence International ™ Pageant was laid.

 For decades, little girls have dreamt of wearing a crown.  But for many, this dream had no potential of being realized because the size of the one that reached for it was larger than the rules allowed.  But now, all of that has changed.

 We are committed to the plus size woman.  We believe that all women are beautiful, inside and out and deserve a chance to promote those causes closest to her heart with a title worthy of her representation.  The Body Confidence International™ Pageant System is an organization devoted to celebrating the essence of the full-figured woman and giving her an avenue in which to pursue recognition for those causes.

Body Confidence International have the sole licence for South Africa to enter our winner into the Ms Plus Size Universe pageant.  Ms Plus Size Universe pageant takes place in April 2018 in New York!


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Competition Requirements

·         Aged 25 - 55

·         Each delegate must be size 14W or greater. 

·         Each delegate must be born female.

·         Each delegate must be a citizen of the South Africa.

·         Age is determined by 16 June 2018.

·         Delegates may be single, married, widowed or divorced.

·         At-Large Delegates may represent the province they live in, were born in, hold property in, work in, went to school in or have familial ties to.

·         Returning delegates must get permission from the Executive Staff to hold the same finalist more than twice in a row and are subject to a waiting period as determined by Body Confidence International Pageant National Leadership.

·         BCI Model & Pageant Agency Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant with or without cause.

·         Each delegate must have a charity that they are promoting and raise a minimum of R5500.  Cheques to be handed over to individual charity representative at High Tea Event.


MISS BODY CONFIDENCE INTERNATIONAL TITLE: (Overall high-point score) -- The title may only be awarded to the contestant who has the highest overall score in all divisions and in all categories, excluding optional competitions. 

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Entry Fees

Entry now Open. Closing date for Entries: 15 April 2018


Entrance Fee: R550

Failure to meet your deadlines will result in late fees being attached at the rate of R100/per late week. Repeated late payments could result in your removal from the pageant.  Should this happen, there will be no refunds of fees paid.

 Effective 16 June, 2017 

Payment # 1 Entry Fee Deposit - R250        Due Immediately and will lock in your finalist title

Payment balance and due date will be outlined in your acceptance letter.

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Frequently asked questions!

Does the Ms Body Confident International pageant promote obesity? 
The Ms Body Confident International pageant promotes being healthy and being self-confident at any size. 

What is the benefit of entering any pageant in this day and age? 
The purpose of any pageant is to promote self-confidence and to give every woman an avenue to promote one's platform.

"I think the crown is as relevant as the individual who wears it. If you, through your actions and words, use the crown to focus attention on issues of substance and concern, then you contribute something of relevance and significance. The crown is a tool to be able to focus attention on something that's important. If you crown someone who has a passion and conviction and has a real dedication to using it as a symbol to focus attention on issues of concern, that's when you achieve the relevance."

Erica Harold
Miss America 2003

Why enter the Ms Body Confident International Pageant? 
That believe in the beauty of all women. We are going to great lengths to make every aspect of the Ms Body Confident International pageant spectacular. We are encouraging women and letting them know that it is okay to love themselves and making a difference in our communities and being positive role models no matter your size.

Which province title may I represent? 
Each delegate prioritizes three provinces that she can represent. Delegates may represent the province they live in, were born in, hold property in, work in, went to school in or have familial ties to.  In the event your first choice is taken, you may represent your second choice and so-on. (If you live in a finalist that produces a province-wide pageant, you must compete in THAT province in order to be eligible to compete in nationals.) If you compete in the finalist pageant and do not win the title but you are a runner-up, you may enter that year's national as an at-large delegate, if approved by your Ms Body Confident International Pageant Director.  Finalist directors are not obligated to send additional delegates to the national competition.

Is Body Confidence International Pageant affiliated with the Ms Plus Size Universe? 
The Ms Body Confidence International Pageant is the sole licence holder for South Africa with the Ms Plus Size Universe entry.  Therefore, only BCI can send a delegate to the Ms Plus Size Universe to take part. 

What is the minimum size-requirement? 
Each delegate must be a size 14 or greater. There is no height limit or size cap.

 What is a platform?
A platform is a charity or cause that you promote throughout your reign as a local/finalist/national delegate. Example: AIDS Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, MADD, etc. You may create your own platform.  This will be subject to approval.

 NOTE:  The Ms Body Confident International Pageant does not endorse political candidates and/or their agendas nor socially controversial charities /organizations.  If your selection is considered to be within these parameters, you will be notified by email.

What is considered a public appearance? 
A public appearance is any location that you appear in your crown and/or sash to support/promote your platform or to support/promote BCI.  Some delegates may attend charitable functions wearing their crown/sash.  Others may ride in parades, while others may visit their local/finalist dignitaries promoting their platforms. All delegates are encouraged to promote their charity first and foremost. 

How many public appearances do I have to make during my reign? 
Once you have been awarded your finalist title and have acquired your crown/sash, you are encouraged to make one appearance per month during your reign as a finalist titleholder. As a national titleholder, you will sign a contract that obligates you to make at least two public appearances per month. There is no contest for the most appearances.

How long is a reign?
An at-large delegate's reign lasts from the time she is awarded her title until the end of the national Ms Body Confident International Pageant. If you compete in and win your national pageant, your title lasts until the next annual pageant. 

Do you have a payment plan?
Each delegate will have a strict fee schedule she must adhere to  keep her finalist title. If you are unable to adhere to the presented plan upon the confirmation of the receipt of the application, simply contact the director about making adjustments to the plan. *Missed payments endanger delegates of losing titles.* 

What does my entry fee pay for? 
Ms Body Confidence International is a self-sufficient pageant. Fees pay for but are not limited to the royal regalia of each finalist winner including the prizes and cash that is given away on the stage, hotel expenses for pageant staff including food, ballroom rental, judges’ rooms/meals/fees, sound, light, stage, decoration etc... Ms Body Confidence international is in the business of making dreams come true. Money received is put forth in effort to achieve this goal we have, that sets us apart from other plus pageants. 

Do you accept ad payments toward the finalist entry fee? 
No. All ad money is put into the production of the program book. The more ads we sell, the more impressive the program book is! 

If I cannot attend the pageant this year, does my entry fee carry over to the next year? 
No. Entry fees are credited for the current pageant year only. 

Do you accept personal checks?
No. Ms Body Confidence International does not accept personal checks. However, we do accept company checks for sponsorship and advertising purposes. 

What do I need to consider when deciding whether or not to enter the Ms Body Confident International?

Consider first and foremost if it is something you're willing to follow through with. Consider that not every delegate has the full support of her friends and family; and if you're not sure of that support, are you willing to enter anyway? Consider the time in which it will take you to prepare and if the dates set are available for your vacation. Consider the time it will take you to make appearances. Consider the cost of the pageant beyond the required entry fee and supplemental fee requirements like ad money, ticket money, wardrobe and travel expenses. Being able to budget is important. Do you have or can you obtain the resources/sponsorships in which to fund your desire to enter? 

Will competing in the Ms Body Confident International Pageant help me establish a career in plus modeling?
Not necessarily. While a title may make you more memorable on auditions and submissions, it does not guarantee your success as a plus model.  We seek women of substance and integrity who want to use the crown to bring more attention to their charitable institution or cause.  Should you however have the what it takes to succeed in Plus size modeling you can sign up with BCI Model.

Will scores be given out after the pageant is over?
No. However, finalists will receive their ranking if requested after crowning event.

When are the prizes awarded?

·         Prizes are awarded as per contract with the finalist and overall winner.  Will be discussed in national event workshop


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Meet BCI Director: Operations & Pageant

Marina Prinsloo


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